Congress Scholarships


Congress attendees are urged to consider assisting a Asian student or young professional to attend the 2018 IFTA World Family Therapy Congress, 8 - 10 March, in Bangkok, Thailand. The Congress Board of Directors invites Congress participants to pay an additional $50 into the Congress Scholarship Fund. The Congress Board will match the donations. The Board hopes to collect enough money to bring several Asian students or young professionals to the Bangkok Congress.


Students and young professionals residing in Thailand and nearby countries are urged to apply for the scholarships. The scholarships are intended to offer the recipient complementary registration for the Congress. Apply for the scholarship here:


The World Family Therapy Congress is an outgrowth of the East-West Bridging Congress conducted in Prague in 1987. Since that time, IFTA’s goal has been the same: Advancing family therapy worldwide by promoting research, education, and sound practice while promoting international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas that support the health and well-being of families and persons around the world.